Arnold is still one of my role models I remember when I was a kid. Arnold was my biggest idol. Commando, Terminator and Twins were just a few of the movies I loved. Of course I was also very impressed by his bodybuilding achievements. Between acting he had a successful

I love Denmark

I arrived 35 years ago 35 years ago I was adopted to Denmark from South Korea. I'm so happy to live in Denmark! We have so many wonderful things in Denmark. Social security and free educations are just a few of them. In Denmark everyone is allowed to tell their

The Internet is amazing

Be prepared to get life-changing inspiration I sincerly believe that everyone who reads all content on this page will learn something. This page has one main mission… TO ENLIGHTEN YOU ABOUT HOW FORTUNATE YOUR ARE LIVING IN 2018! Don’t spend one more second thinking about the good old days And
“He who moves not forward, goes backward” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Be careful not to keep choosing status quo We end up not moving forward or progressing, and end up stuck or standing still when we resist choosing and making decisions. We seem to resist the most when there are
While many individuals will contend that a tiny bit of TV never hurt anybody, the measure of a “tad bit” is always in open deliberation. A Neilson report found that the normal American watches over 34 hours of TV every week. On the off chance that that number doesn't stun