Are you being programmed for poverty?

Money is bad, rich people are evil, it is spiritual to be poor…
What do you think about rich people? Think about it for a moment and then evaluate if you thought most bad stuff or good stuff. Chances are you think like most op the population: Rich people are crooks and money is the root to all evil.

Be careful about what you think
If you think negatively about rich people and money you will unconsciously repel thinking like a rich person and by doing this you ensure yourself an average or below average personal economy. Please understand one can live a very happy life without being rich, but to live a life without limits one needs to be rich. Not only can money help people, but getting the time freedom to do what you like is priceless.

Do you want have a Ferrari or dream about it?
All people have things they dream about and often it is very luxurious things like a Ferrari, but sadly most people have given up in an early stage of life. In some cases they develop envy and hate against rich people which is a shame. Instead of using rich people as inspiration they start blaming them in many ways.

What are your thoughts about the movie “Titanic”?
Titanic broke all records when it was released in 1997 and do you know why? Because Titanic is full of subconscious programming, that over 90% of the population loves; consciously or unconsciously. Is it one of your favorite movies of all time or do you hate it? The fact is that the movie is full of mind viruses. If you do not believe please feel free to watch the movie once again, but this time you need to focus on two things only: How the rich people are presented and how the poor people are presented.

After re-watching Titanic you have “learned” that…
1. Rich people are not having fun, they are sitting on 1st class talking about polo matches, sipping Brandy and worrying about things like: “What if the butler is sick” and “What if the keys to the Rolls Royce get lost”. There is the mother who slaps the wrist of her daughter who does not know how to use the Oyster fork the correct way. Rose is not happy in her relationship with the rich guy she have to marry for the sake of her family. The subconscious programming here is: “You sell your soul for money”.

2. Poor people are happy and they know how to party on 3rd class, where all people are singing and dancing. The subconscious programming here is: “If you want to be nice and happy you should be poor”.

When the ship hits the iceberg the rich people are rolling off in the sunset, while the poor people are chained up. The rich people are bribing their way to the lifeboats and trying to steal babies to get away.

In the end of the movie where Rose is very old. Her poor granddaughter has been slaving her fingers to the bone to make a living. Rose has this necklace worth enough to set her granddaughter up for life, but instead of giving it to her she throws it in the water.

Are you infected?
The sad truth is that the more you like the movie Titanic the more you are infected by mind viruses. The question is now: What are you going to do about the result? Are you happy with it then it is fine. If not, I advise you always to evaluate movies, books, news, all media in general for what they are programming you with. By doing this you and only you decide, what you will let affect your belief system.