Be a student not a follower

When I am making a decision, I am often inspired by other people, but I am always sure that the decision is a product of my own conclusion. I am taking full responsibility of my own life, which means my life is highly dependent of the decisions I make.

Be a student
Long time ago I set some goals; both short range goals (1 year) and long range goal (10 years). To reach my goals I need to learn new skills and there are no better ways to learn new things than making them a study. By doing this I show that I am serious and by taking consistent action, I will acquire the needed knowledge in the fastest and most predictable way.

Some of the skills I am studying right now is: blogging, graphics creation and copywriting. Those are all related to online marketing, which I truly believe is an important skill to master to secure your future.

How to learn
One way to learn is by our experiences during life. Especially we learn by failing and making mistakes. Luckily our brain teaches us not to get hurt by the same thing more than one time.

Another way is to learn from other people’s experiences. Fortunately for us very skilled people from all areas of life took their time to put their knowledge on paper. This has resulted in genius books like: “Think and Grow Rich”, “The Richest Man in Babylon” and “7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness”.

What to study?
Study the skills you need to learn to reach your goals. If you want to get rich you need to adopt the habits of wealthy people. Do not just read a single book about Steve Jobs, but read multiple books about different wealthy people and then afterwards pick the habits you think will fit best in your life, philosophy and daily schedule; Do not start driving to the fitness club every morning to spend one hour, if you think running 30 minutes in the nature will be better. Maybe you should try both for some time and then evaluate? Again: “Be a student, not a follower”.

Learn or get hurt
When you grow up you will acquire, what is called basic smarts. You will know not to jump out from third floor or jump out in front a cab. The basic will in most cases be enough to keep you alive. If you want to reduce even more pain, then upgrade your basic smarts. By learning just a little about tax, law and other stuff you will be smarter than the average Joe, who refuse to read anything without being forced to it.
You do not need to like how it is, you just need to know how it is. Do not depend on other factors. Learning basic tax laws can save you thousands of dollars each year even if you hate to learn it and you do not need to.

Example of a small study my wife recently did
Our kids are allergic to dogs, but my wife wanted a dog so she went to the library to borrow books about dog breeds. After studying multiple dog breeds, she found a breed called Coton De Tulear, which should be very friendly to allergic people. We then visited a lot of people with these kind of dogs for sale just to test the skin reaction from our kids. We now have a Coton De Tulear. What I am saying is that by using already existing knowledge you can fast and easy make great decisions.

If just one book can save you ten years of trial and error, can you explain why somebody do not read?