Careful validate your influencers

Many people give up on their dreams because they let unqualified people affect them in a negative way. Especially entrepreneurs who are seeking acceptance from spouse, parents or colleagues are affected and because of this a lot of good ideas die on the table.

Surround yourself with greatness
The people you surround yourself with in your life are important. If you surround yourself with people who build you up, make you grow and challenge you to be better you will become great. You might think this sound like a hard task when you are looking at your friends, but in fact it has never been easier. By using the Internet, it is easy to join a community of like-minded people who are happy to assist you when you need motivation or help.

Ignore the nay-sayers
In all part of life you will have the doubters and nay-sayers, who tell you that what you are about to do is impossible. They will tear you down, tell you all the reasons why it will not work and that you are not good enough. They will tell you to do the safe thing, the smart thing and go get a job; that your dream is just not possible and just a stupid idea. You can have a lot of these people in your life, especially if you have a big idea. All you get hit with is negativity. These people are listening to the world that is currently available to them and will never be successful in inventing something new. Be sure not to surround yourself with these kinds of people. In worst case you might end up becoming one of them.

Starting is always hard
Whatever skill you are trying to learn the beginning stages are hard and frustrating. You need to quickly make the final decision to never give up, because if you keep practicing you are going to get better and better. Soon it will not hurt as much and you will not make as many mistakes. Everything is going to be easier and you will see more results.

The conditions will never be perfect
If you wait for the conditions to be perfect to make your dream a reality then you are going to be sitting on your dream for the rest of your life. Five years from now you will surely arrive, but the question is where; at an unspecified location or at a well-designed destination? You can always come up with an excuse why you cannot do something and you can say “I am going to wait for the conditions to be perfect before I go out”. The conditions will never be perfect, so stop procrastinating and start following your dream.

Believe in yourself
When people saying no and telling you all the reasons why it is not going to work out, it might be dangerous, because you have a little bit of doubt yourself and if everything you hear is no and all you see is darkness around you something very sad may happen; you start believing in other people and what they are saying more than you believe in yourself. You start thinking – These guys know what they are talking about, maybe I am crazy, maybe I do not know what I am doing. Maybe this idea really is stupid and you end up quitting. Never stop believing in yourself and ignore the non-believers.

Let your passion show you the way
With your heart and passion you can create a whole new reality that did not exist before. You want to do things because it is the right thing to do, because you feel it and it comes from your heart; not because it makes logical sense to do it.

Design your influence philosophy
If you want to prevent yourself from letting unqualified people affect you, you need to careful review all teaching or demanding. By this I do not mean that you need to get into discussions, but in fact the exact opposite. If your broke friend tells you how to invest your money, be sure not to waste any time or brain power discussing with him, because his economic situation speaks louder than any of his words. Instead I think you need to take in the words and just store them in the trash area of your mind. Always be sure to ask the right people about advice. Program your mind to stand guard from negative input and your life will be much better.