Design Your Philosophy

Your personal philosophy is by far the most important factor in how your life works out. Because of this you have to design multiple sub-philosophies which determines how you will react to different life situations. By doing this in advance you will be prepared and ready to handle situations better than most people.

These sub-philosophies, will be your personal guiding system. Below I will mention a few of mine. Please know that these are my personal philosophies, which I have refined during the last three decades and you may have total different views on the topics which is really awesome.

Unlike most people I mostly care about what I think of myself and not what other think of me. I do what I think is the right thing even when nobody knows. I know people value my integrity as they trust me their time and their money.

Negative people
Spend five minutes complaining and you have wasted five minutes of your life that you will never get back. Sadly this world is full of negative people complaining about everything without doing anything. Such persons will be pushed away as soon as possible.

This topic seems to divide the population in two. Sadly money has a bad reputation, which I really do not think it deserves. I have heard the cliché: “Money is the root to all evil” countless times. But what is sad about this is that the real phrase from the bible is: “The love of money is the root to all evil”. Personally I think it impossible to live a fulfilled life without money. To live the best life possible one simply needs to be rich. By being rich you will have much more of the most valuable asset on earth: Time.

First priority in my life is to spend time with my loved ones. I set a very high value on my hours, which means I do not waste time watching TV during the week. It is not having a TV which is expensive, it is the time you waste in front of it. I have so many dreams and the way to reach them is by setting personal goals.

Setting personal goals is the single most important skill if you want to design your dream life. By setting goals and start working toward them you will develop self-discipline and self-confidence which two very important things you will benefit from all life. What amaze me is that you can change the direction of your life overnight. In 10 years you will surely arrive, the question is where: On a well-designed destination or on an unspecified destination created by the circumstances along the way. As I see it there is no other great choice for me than being an Entrepreneur.

If you do not have a plan for your life, chances are you will fit into the plans of other persons and guess what they have planned for you: NOT MUCH! This is why entrepreneurship is such an attractive way of living. Today we just entered the year of 2017. I am so happy about living right now, as opportunities never have been greater than now. By utilizing the Internet you are able to get in front of billions and sell digital products without spending a dime upfront on stock.

Internet Marketing
To this date I have earned money online in countless ways from CPA marketing to E-Commerce. All you basically need is a computer, Internet access, a product to sell and a place to sell it. I will recommend you start selling other peoples products in the beginning, while you focus on marketing. What is most important is to develop the ability to get the right product in front of the right persons. Of course this is not as easy as it sounds, but luckily you can learn the skills by reading.

Learning new skills is fundamental if you want to do better. Luckily for us the brightest people during time took the time to write down their “secrets”. Do not let learning be dictated by the circumstances. Decide what you want to learn more about and make it a study. If you want to be happy study happiness and if you want to be wealthy study wealth. How hard can it be? If you want to be fit you go to the gym, but if you want to owe the gym you go to the library. If you are a very busy person like me, you may not have an hour to read in every single day. You then need to be resourceful and spend your precious time wisely. Shift your mindset to seek education instead of entertaining.

Personal Development
By focusing on education and personal development you will be more valuable. Remember we are not paid for the time, but for the value we bring to the marketplace. Just knowing this is enough for me to get excited to keep learning all time. Remember Jim Rohn always said: “Formal education will make you a living; Self-education can make you a fortune”. So be wise and invest in yourself. Throw away your need for instant gratification and realize that it takes time to build a meaningful life. Maybe it takes 10 years? So what the 10 years will soon be gone anyway; the question is if you want get better and become more or if you want to stay the same. You do not need to be the same after today, only by choice.


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