Do you love yourself?

Loving yourself is a must if you want your life to be meaningful. Nobody is perfect, I get that, but just be sure you do not hate yourself. If this is the case, I have the cure: “The cure to self-hate is self-love”. Let me introduce you to what I did to improve my self-love and why.

Understand the value of self-love
If you have not already designed your personal philosophy for self-love, then start now. Sit down with a piece of paper and write down what you like about yourself and what you do not like about yourself. Afterwards make the decisions about what to change. Take your time and be very serious, because it may change your life in a very positive way, like it has for me.

Why I designed my philosophy of self-love
The main purpose I designed my philosophy for self-love, was because of my loved ones, which is my wife, kids and parents. About a decade ago, I already made the decision to take a step down and get more serious in life. Already on this stage I stopped partying every week and instead focusing on studying personal development, my future and my girlfriend (who is now my wife).

How getting children changed everything
When getting my first child, my daughter Isabella in 2012, my life drastically changed. In the very moment she was born I knew I needed to focus even more on my values. This led to a lot of changes, which I until this day over 4 years later do not regret. What I did was to evaluate everything I did for the last few months. Especially I evaluated the human interactions and how they made me feel.

Some people are in your life for a reason other for a season
To get more time with my loved ones and to ensure they will get the best life possible, I needed to make some priorities. This meant I took, at that time, the hard decision only to keep contact with my best friends, who I trusted and who contributed to my life in a positive way. Gone are those “friends” who did not have any vision for their future and the negative people who always were complaining about everything without doing anything about it (mostly they were the same people).

If you really love yourself focus on your integrity
Like I have written before your integrity is very important when designing your personal philosophy. When you focus on living up to your own standards you are feeling good. Be aware that you firstly please your own beliefs and at the same time are 100% authentic. I am feeling very sad when I see people put up a façade on social media just to hide their insecurities regarding their self-love or family issues. Seeking this kind of public acceptance is very immature and will only make things worse in the long run.

Do not care about others opinion about you
So many people are running around empty without any sense of self-love, without knowing their real values. Love yourself even if other do not. Do not wait for other people to like you on a false foundation. Be yourself and people will like the real you. Those who do not, why even bother with their opinions?

Negative relatives
You choose your friends, but not your relatives. If you have some toxic people among your relatives, be sure to drastically reduce your time together with them. This sounds hard, but if your father in law who you of obvious reasons meet now and then always talk bad about your business, try to talk to your positive uncle at the birthday party instead. If you really love yourself act is. Do not listen to advice from people who have not done what you are about to. In fact you should do the complete opposite, because you do not want to live a life like them.

Design your self-love philosophy
You are great and you know it. After designing our self-love philosophy you have defined your core values you know have a guidance system, which keeps you on track with your true values, which of course is the people who means most to you and beside yourself these people should be the only one you should focus to impress, but guess what? You already impress them by being yourself.