How to build a financial wall around your family

One of my main goals is to build a financial wall around my family nothing can get through. If you are a parent, getting rich should be one of your top priorities. The world is tough these days and it is impossible to protect your loved ones against everything. You cannot do anything to avoid accidents, nature disasters etc. but you can do plenty of things to get rich.

Study wealth
Like mentioned in a former post; anything you want to master, make it a study. I have read several books about this topic and I can tell you it is uplifting and inspiring in how different ways people got rich. Personally I am studying online marketing, because beside of time freedom, I also want geographical freedom. I just love travelling around the world discovering new cultures.

The Strangest Secret in the World
In 1956 Earl Nightingale revealed “The Strangest Secret in the World”. He did this shortly after reading “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, the book which to this date has created most millionaires and billionaires. So what is the secret Earl reveals? The secret is: “We become what we think about”. This is probably the only thing all the Greek philosophers could agree about.

The best way to get rich
There is two ways to get rich. One is getting rich on the expense of other people. Second is to get rich be the service of other. As you might guess I will recommend following the second way. By doing this you get rich in what is called and enlightening way where both you and the persons you serve will end up in a better situation.

How to get rich
One thing that is important to understand is this: “You are primarily paid for the value you bring to the market place”. If you want to get rich you just need to find a way to get leverage and what better way than using the Internet? How lucky can you get, by living right now! With a computer and Internet access you now have the possibility to get your message in front of over 3 billion Internet users. Do not be afraid of technology, but embrace it.

How to make money on the Internet
There are hundreds of ways you can make money online. You can make money by selling anything you can buy in brick and mortar stores, but you also have the possibility to sell digital products. What is even more exciting is you can make money by referring people to other people’s products. This can be very lucrative as most product owners pay between 25% and 75% of the sale as a commission and guess what; you do not have to deal with annoying customers and refunds, the product owner does everything except getting the buyer, which you are referring. If interested you can find more info about this on the home page.