I love Denmark

I arrived 35 years ago

35 years ago I was adopted to Denmark from South Korea.

I'm so happy to live in Denmark!

We have so many wonderful things in Denmark.

Social security and free educations are just a few of them.

In Denmark everyone is allowed to tell their opinion in public.

Of course we also have many things I don't like, but they are minor compared to the good things.

Do you love your Country?

Hopefully you have more positive things than negative things to say about your country.

If you're living in US, UK, Australia or Western Europe in general then you're truly blessed.

You may not feel it yourself, but you are!

Countless people from poor countries around the world are dreaming to live in the Western World.

Please check if you're country is marked below and remember to smile if it is… 😉


Positive vs. negative opinions about my country

I used to be negative about the high income taxes in Denmark until I hold it against free social security.

I used to be negative about the high taxes on new cars until I realized how much our free educations would have costed.

It really helped me to take a closer look on my opinions.

Maybe you should do the same and perhaps change a few of them?


In life everything is about perspective. It's about how we look at things.

If we compare everything to perfect situations we will feel miserable most of the time.

But if we're grateful we'll be happy most of the time.

And at the same time we'll attract more wonderful things into our lives.