About Me

Short Story

I’m originally from South Korea.

In late 1982 I was adopted to Danish parents.

I was just a few months old at this time.

My life in Denmark has been interesting.

It hasn’t been an easy life.

But it has been amazing.

I’ve seen many wonderful places.

Travelling is one of my absolute passions.

In my twenties only 3 things were important to me:

Parties, making money and travelling.

I did all of them as much as possible.

In my professional life I’ve had some journeys too.

I’ve helped starting new Wind Turbine Factories.

Both in Hutchinson, Kansas and in São Paulo, Brazil.

Both places I was training the local staff.

The most interesting was to discover new cultures.

New Beginning

5 years ago I had the biggest moment of my life.

I became a proud dad of a beautiful princess.

And just 1 year after I got a little prince too.

And oh I forgot to mention I have the most beautiful wife in the world (just in case she finds this page) 🙂

The Shift

My life has changed completely the last 5 years.

I never thought this should be my life.

I'm so grateful every day.

When I became a dad everything changed.

Including my vision for the future.

I got this new brain tattoo that I wanted to be the best dad and husband possible.

One of the decisions I made was the goal to be a millionaire.

Removing money issues will make things easier.

Most importantly I’ll get much more time with my family.

Everyday I’m investing in myself and my vision.

Not only money but also my precious time.

My Believes

I believe that God has a great plan for everyone. When things get tough it’s not a setback but a setup for a comeback. Every challenge is here for a reason. I think faith is a must those moments where everything falls apart.

I’m taking full responsibility for my life. Everything in it is what I’ve attracted by the person I’ve become.

Authenticity is everything. I’ll never pretend to be someone else. By being vulnerable you’ll discover how simple it is to start your own business.

I think great communication is very important. This is one of my main priorities. You can contact me whenever you want and I will answer ASAP.

My Business

Warren Buffet wisely said:

“If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”.

Just a decade ago being an entrepreneur was very expensive and extremely risky.

Thanks to the Internet new amazing things have become possible.

It will be my pleasure to show you the possibilities.

I love the Internet 🙂

My thoughts about...

Forgiving: Don’t let negative energy drain you. Forgive everyone and free you mind. Remember forgiving is not forgetting.

The Past: Use the past like a lesson, not something to punish you. What you did can never be undone. Instead focus on the now. Create the best version of yourself by improving your skills every day.

The Future: Embrace the technology and learn to use it for your advantage. Take advantage of the new opportunities.

Giving: Giving is much more important than getting. Just focus on giving and getting will be automatic.

Pain: Pain is always temporary and on the other side is pleasure.

Contact Information

If you have a question or just want to say hi, please feel welcome!

My email is: [email protected]

If you prefer to contact me on Facebook click here.

Add me as friend and afterwards write me a private message. I will answer within the shortest time possible.

First family photo. My daugter was 1 year and my son 1 month. My family is the main motivator behind everything I do.


About Design Your Philosophy

My mentor Jim Rohn always said: “Formal education will make you a living; Self-education will make you a fortune”. is a site about Integrity, Marketing and Entrepreneurship. The main purpose of this site is to WAKE UP people!

I want people to realize how fortunate they are living right now and that plenty of things have changed the last decade. We need to embrace technology and not be afraid of it. Gone are the days where the best advice was: “Go to school, get an education, work for a big company and you are set for life”.

In fact today “SAFE IS THE NEW RISKY”! Huge companies lay off more people today than ever before. Because of the digital revolution household names like Blockbuster and Musicland have been replaced by Netflix and Spotify.

If you already have made the decision not to acquire new knowledge and skills, then your future may be a bit blurry and probably it will be dictated by other people. On the other side if keep educating yourself and acquiring new skills then the sky is the limit, because the Internet can deliver more leverage than anything else. is one of my ways to bring value to the marketplace. My blog posts are within one of these categories:

Personal Philosophy



Goal Setting

Productivity Tips

Other Subjects

I don't know what your goals in life are, but I suggest you start/keep investing in yourself. This is the best investment you can ever make.

“The ultimate reason for setting goals is to entice you to become the person it takes to achieve them” – Jim Rohn.



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