Never settle for status quo

“He who moves not forward, goes backward”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Be careful not to keep choosing status quo
We end up not moving forward or progressing, and end up stuck or standing still when we resist choosing and making decisions. We seem to resist the most when there are far-reaching consequences being considered like moving to a new city, changing jobs, or exiting a relationship. That's life though and we must make choices like this, some of our decisions will work out better than others, and that is okay. The key is to make sure we don't get stuck with outcomes we don't want! That can happen by staying put, at least new choices give the hope of a new reality. The real kicker is that when we hesitate/resist/or delay making decisions, we've actually decided. In those moments, we have chosen to maintain the status quo. That is not necessarily the choice though that you really want to be making. The more you can be aware of what you are doing, when and why you do what you do, the more likely you will decisively make better or different choices.

We owe no one an explanation to change the direction of our lives
The Status Quo is comforting! Even when it is not to our liking, it is what we know, and therefore ‘easier' to live with. Think about it, there is no effort required to maintain the status quo, and that is why so many inadvertently end up ‘standing still'. When we keep working at the same job, living in the same city, and relating to the same people in the same way, we are maintaining the status quo. No one has to keep making the same decisions and choices for their lives, and you owe no one an explanation, if it is clear to you. There is value in seeking counsel, and that is best served by doing so with someone who can be objective.

Focus on the good things that will happen instead of the bad
Remember, living IS one big invitation to try new things. Consequences are the scary part of change and sometime we don't consider new choices for fear of the consequences. If you abandon your job, you may lose some income. If you abandon your relationship, you may lose some companionship. You may have forgotten just how creative, resourceful and dynamic you are, and therefore fixate on the potential for loss. It is usually the potential negative consequences people cite for not making more effort in new ways. Inevitably, anytime we focus on the negative aspects of change, the risks are too apparent and so status quo it is!

Awareness – Choice – Consequences
Don't kid yourself, be clear, know that the status quo has consequences too! You know already what you've got, and it is always unwise to dismiss potential changes without considering the consequences of doing nothing and staying put. At the same time, you are used to your life, and still standing, so how bad could more of the same, be? Ask yourself how truly satisfied you are in each of the key areas in your life? How is the status quo working for you? What are the long-term consequences if you maintain the status quo in your life? How are your finances? What limits are you accepting? What kind of lifestyle are you denying yourself from realizing? How is your health being affected? Are you healthy and in good physical condition this very moment? How are your relationships? Are you enjoying the kinds of relationships you desire in your life right now? Do you enjoy your work? Do you feel productive and like you are making a difference? What are the meaningful contributions you are making, do your values show up in them? Do you want more of what you've got?

If you wouldn't choose your current status quo than it is pretty safe to say that it's time for a change. Maybe you'd prefer to not have to think about making changes, but then what are you reading articles like this for? Stop making this an intellectual exercise. It is via action that results are produced and if not NOW, than when? What changes in your life, would help you win more, on your terms?

“Remember whatever you do, do it for Truth”
Sheeba Varghese

Sheeba Varghese has been an Executive Coach with her own firm Forward Focus Inc. for the past nine years.
She works with CEO's and Senior Executives across North America on effectiveness, and personal satisfaction for Success. Her model is based on the formula she has developed where:

Self Awareness + Focus + Strategy = Success

Her book, titled Sheeba's Secret, is a guide to the above formula. Check it out if you need a little pust towards success.