Every day is a new beginning. This is a fact. However, to some people, there are some days when they feel that they woke up on the wrong side of the bed. What do you feel when the heater broke? Or when you spill your coffee on your favorite shirt?
We all know the feeling of doing something which seems wrong, but nevertheless, we still do it. We all sometimes crave for one more piece of cake, even though we have eaten more than enough. It can also be the cigarettes that some of us wish to smoke when we
Have you ever stopped to ponder or notice how to attract the right people into your life and scenarios that coincide with your shared and primary interests and thoughts? Like how you and your friends get along very well together because both of you enjoy, think and always talk about
The self improvement process involves steps that will not likely be achieved without the accomplishment of their preceding steps. As humans, we find it very difficult to adjust to changes all at once, because we have already been programmed to do and see things a particular way. It does not
We are all given just one life to find our purpose and carry out our dreams. We are all so blessed to live right now where opportunities are in abundance thanks to the technology. Are we doing the right things? The question is: Are we acting on the opportunities or