Full disclosure: Today I am an affiliate marketer. This blog post is my personal opinion based on my experience with 3 Multi-Level Marketing companies over 15 years ago and around 10 years of online marketing. How I got into Multi-Level Marketing When a former colleague of mine from a youth
Many people give up on their dreams because they let unqualified people affect them in a negative way. Especially entrepreneurs who are seeking acceptance from spouse, parents or colleagues are affected and because of this a lot of good ideas die on the table. Surround yourself with greatness The people
When I am making a decision, I am often inspired by other people, but I am always sure that the decision is a product of my own conclusion. I am taking full responsibility of my own life, which means my life is highly dependent of the decisions I make. Be
I love the title on this post, because this is something everyone will be interested in. I cannot imagine anybody saying that they do not want to live a great life. What is a great life for one may not be a great life for another. I have chosen the
One of my main goals is to build a financial wall around my family nothing can get through. If you are a parent, getting rich should be one of your top priorities. The world is tough these days and it is impossible to protect your loved ones against everything. You