Stop killing time

We are all given just one life to find our purpose and carry out our dreams. We are all so blessed to live right now where opportunities are in abundance thanks to the technology.

Are we doing the right things?
The question is: Are we acting on the opportunities or are we wasting our time on all the small stuff. If we do not make a plan for our life we will keep drifting in life without a higher purpose.
We are all aware of we are here for around a century. This time span is microscopic in connection with the age of the universe, but also very small in connection with our existence.
Because of this we need to realize the time bar of our life, can only grow smaller from today forward. We cannot buy time, we cannot grow time, we cannot ask for timeā€¦ We can only lose time and we have no clue about how much we have left, it is a mystery.

Why are we procrastinating?
As human we have the possibility to waste time by procrastinating. We feel we have so much time left we can postpone anything until tomorrow or next week. In opposite to other species we give ourselves too much time to accomplish what needs to be done; we waste time.We need to stop killing time, because someday things turn around and time kills us. We have the power to prevent time loss and wasted time.
Wasting time on watching a bad movie for the second time, wasting time playing computer, wasting time sleeping too much. The question is how we detect time waste and how we prevent it. The process is simple as we just need to align our daily actions with our goal; we need to have a plan for the day.

Watching TV is expensive
Most Americans are watching between 4-6 hours of TV every day. Try to imagine how much it costs? Having a TV is cheap, it is watching it that is expensive. Imagine using the time to learn some new skills, which could improve the quality of our lives? Most people could easily cut off 1000 hours of TV a year.
We abuse our time, because we like to feel comfortable. We all want to succeed and prosper, but we are not willing to push ourselves out of our comfort zone. We need to focus on what we want to accomplish. What makes the heart burn with passion, what wakes you up in the morning, what is our WHY?

Learn to appreciate time
Time is the most valuable resource we have. We can save my money for later, we cannot do that with our time. We can invest in more money, we cannot do that with time. We need to stop damaging out lifespan. Sooner or later, we are going to realize that the only thing we wish we have more of is time.

Change our habits
We need to make a habit change to start appreciating the time as our most valuable asset. In the future we want to pause the next time we find ourselves wasting time on things that damage us, and think about why we have decided to shrink our lifespan. Because we cannot recycle time we waste, we need to learn how to make time work for us. We need to start living the life of our dreams, because it is possible.

Keep moving forward and believing
We must not give into anxiety, we need to keep fighting, keep moving forward and keep believing. We need to follow our dreams and use our daily 86400 seconds wisely. How we use them today are all that matters. Keep moving forward a little by little and soon we will be living the life of our dreams.