The art of self-improvement

The self improvement process involves steps that will not likely be achieved without the accomplishment of their preceding steps. As humans, we find it very difficult to adjust to changes all at once, because we have already been programmed to do and see things a particular way. It does not mean that it is impossible. It simply entails that completing the final stage of the process requires discipline, patience and persistence.

Rome was not built in a day, as the popular proverb goes. Thus, if we want to reap the benefits and enjoy what our self-improvement changes can bring, we must learn to be patient. The process of self improvement does not and will not happen overnight.

Remember that personal and professional changes take some time to get used to and some degree of adjustment on our part; so we should never seek to push ourselves to adapt immediately, or these efforts will just end up in vain.

Self improvement does not happen with simply thinking that we want to improve. We have to act on this ‘want' and transform it into a ‘need'. Saying that we want to improve is just the beginning of this challenging process.

The basics
The basic self improvement process consists of three simple steps:

1) Deciding that you really want to improve,
2) Acting on it,
3) Maintaining the goal in mind.

How can I improve myself?
Self-improvement is not at all hard to start, although it can be a challenging process. You just have to be properly equipped with the steps that will surely help you improve and be a better person. So to get you on track, here are some self-improvement tips that you can do:

1. Be time conscious. If you want to improve yourself, be conscious about time. Avoid getting late during meetings or appointments by waking up early. One of the benefits of waking up early is that it gives your mind a jolt and makes you mentally and physically alert, which makes you ready for any challenges that are waiting for you within the day. Coming to work early when you have always been late is a good sign of self-improvement, and people will surely acknowledge you for that.

2. Being conscious about how you look and how you project yourself is also one factor in improving yourself. Make sure to always wear neat and tidy clothes to make you feel not only clean and comfortable but also to make you feel great every day. Studies even show that people who are pleasing in appearance and have proper manners are more respected by people around them than those who are not.

3. Have some time for yourself. This is one of the most helpful self-improvement tips that you can apply. You are busy accomplishing your targets and pleasing your boss and your clients or your family and friends that you tend to forget that you also have yourself to nurture in order to serve the people around you. During weekends or after a busy day, turn off your mobile phone and your computer, then soak yourself in a bubbly bath or go shopping on your own. Buy the things you have always wanted to have and indulge.

4. Find joy in comfort. Simple pleasures are those that cannot be bought. To make yourself a better employee and a happier person, do not deprive yourself of the comforts you get out of a familiar view, your favorite scent, and the touch of your favorite pillow or even the taste of that sinful chocolate mousse.

5. Have a healthy body. The best self-improvement that you can possibly have is the willingness to improve your body for a better health and longer, happier life. To do this, eat well, have a balanced diet by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid living an unhealthy lifestyle such as having bad habits like smoking and staying up late. Applying healthy exercises such as meditation and yoga will also contribute to your self-improvement and personal development.

Know the key player
The way to self-improvement does not depend on other people. To achieve a better self-concept, you must know that the key player to improving your whole being is yourself. Who else can help you but yourself? Although your friends and professionals like psychologists can guide you in your quest and give you some self-improvement advices, it is still you who knows what your needs are. You are also responsible for how you view yourself and evaluating it. In the long run, the decision to improve your being rests on you.

This is actually is actually a great thing, because with a vision for your life and some clear goals NOBODY, but yourself can prevent you from succeeding.