The recipe for a great life

I love the title on this post, because this is something everyone will be interested in. I cannot imagine anybody saying that they do not want to live a great life. What is a great life for one may not be a great life for another. I have chosen the ingredients, I think is important for a great life.

Why even live a miserable life?
Unfortunately I have seen plenty of people living a miserable life with only a small hope for the future. Sometimes circumstances make lives hard. Imagine living in Bangladesh and trying to get rich? It is not just hard, it is almost impossible. Then imagine living in USA, Canada, Australia, Denmark or any other capitalistic country. Compared to Bangladesh, getting rich is piece of cake.

What is capitalism?
Short explained capitalism is an economic system, where one is paid for the value they bring to the market place. This means you can get rich by giving service or solutions to other people.

Use the right ingredients
When cooking after a recipe you need to follow both ingredients and amounts if you want the dish to be perfect according to the recipe. Exactly the same thing is actual for “The Recipe for a Great Life”. Everybody knows smoking is dangerous, but what about too much alcohol? The answer is simple, if it is too much it is not healthy.

Important ingredients
Besides healthy ingredients for your body you also need healthy ingredients for your mind. Imagine baking a cake with cement, it cannot be done. Likewise you cannot expect a positive output if all you read is the newspapers full of bad things like violence, murder and rape. It is paramount that you take responsibility for your life and start studying the things which interest you. Revoke the “curious gene” from your childhood and make it a habit to constantly want to know more and learn new things, it is a virtue.

My ingredients for a great life
Family, health and total freedom is the great for me. To have this I need all the right ingredients in the right amount, but more importantly I need to keep out the bad ingredients. I am not only talking junk food and cigarettes, but also negative vibrations. To keep out the bad stuff I am very aware of what I watch and read. For the last year I have not seen TV daily or read daily newspapers. After taking this shift I have in general been much more positive and charged with more energy. Realize 99% of the news and TV are thing you do not need to know. The 1% which is really important you will be told be people and guess what, it is quite funny when somebody thinks you have been living in a cave for the last month, when you surprisingly have not heard who was elected for president after several hours TV shows.

Your ingredients for a great life
Have you already found the right recipe or do you need to replace some of the ingredients? Remember you do not need to a health recipe, you just need to keep the toxic ingredients out; from your stomach as well as your mind.