Who do YOU want to be in life?

Are you living the life you always wanted or did you in somehow along the road adjust your expectations? Dig deep down and ask yourself: Who do you want to be?” Not what but who? I am talking about figuring out for yourself what makes you happy.

Break the Rules
There are so many rules in life. To live the life of your dreams it is impossible not to break some rules. Here I am referring to other people’s rules about what can be done, but also what they think you can do. Please do not let the noise of other people’s opinions drown out your own inner voice.

Do Not Be Afraid to Fail
Don’t be paralyzed be the fear of failure or you will never find out how long you can go. There is only one way to fail and it is if you give up on your dreams. When you need to learn something new you will get hurt plenty of times along the way, just like when a kid learns to ride a bike.

Never Give Up
The recipe for success is to keep going and never give up. Every time something turns out in a way you did not expect then see it as a result and not a failure. I can give you an example from the world of online advertising. When promoting a blog post or a fan page on Facebook I am testing different demographics as well as different pictures in the ad. The only way to get data is to buy data. Afterwards you can then focus on the ad which gave the most interaction.

Do Whatever it Takes
If you want to succeed you need to do whatever it takes. If you want to be a successful speaker you want to model the successful speakers. Do not start at point zero be sure to read books by already successful speakers. Afterwards practice, practice and practice.

Design Your Philosophy
Like mentioned in the post “Design Your Philosophy”, your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out. By defining your sub-philosophies you are framing yourself for the life you want.

Do What is Easy and Your Life Will Be Hard
I think everyone knows the saying: “Easy come, easy go”. This is very true to almost everything in this world and most people are aware of this, but they are not acting like they know. Instead of doing the work needed, they are looking for easy shortcuts. Lack of patience will only give you average or below average results and soon you will start neglecting multiple things.

Neglecting 1-2-3
Neglecting is the root to all evil as one thing often leads to another and so it goes on. If you neglect your economy, chances are big that you also neglect your health and your personal development. Right now things might seem like small things, but be aware of the compound effect. Ten years from now you might end up with bad economy, bad health and a negative mind, which have declined for a decade.

Your Body is Important – Your Mind is Paramount
I bet you have a bunch a favorite places you prefer to eat, but do you have some favorite authors to feed your mind? Your mindset is the primary factor to how you see the world. It is your mindset which creates your personal philosophy. So be sure you feed it with the right ingredients. The recipe for success is like everything else: Use the right ingredients and keep out the wrong ingredients. The subject is so important I have decided soon to write an entire blog post about this.

Lastly you need to prioritize everything in your life. You want to run the day and not let the day run you. Effective planning and time management are crucial if you want to be a high performer. If you do not prioritize what is important you will waste precious time and energy by focusing on small things, while neglecting the important things, which will move you in the right direction. I will several blog posts about time management, but I want to give you the best right now: “When you start working, always focus on the most important task, keep working on it until it is done and be sure to avoid all distractions like phone and email.