Why I prefer Affiliate Marketing rather than MLM

Full disclosure: Today I am an affiliate marketer. This blog post is my personal opinion based on my experience with 3 Multi-Level Marketing companies over 15 years ago and around 10 years of online marketing.

How I got into Multi-Level Marketing
When a former colleague of mine from a youth job called me after several years and told she had something exiting to show me I got very curious. She would not tell me what it was about, but it was a big opportunity. I got very excited and thanked yes to visit her. When I arrived on her place, herself, her husband and a well-dressed man in a suit gave me a warm welcome. Before I knew about it, I had seen the presentation, signed the contract and purchased a starter kit for around $1K. The starter kit consisted of cream, energy bars, shower gel, vitamins etc. Frankly I did not care about the health products, it was all about the business opportunity which really caught my attention.

The next years
I quickly realized the numbers from the presentation were dream figures compared to mine. The thing about me is I have always been fast to take action and try new things. I have always been motivated to invest in things which could give me a greater future. Because of this I jumped in without any hesitation in the strong belief that most people would see the same opportunities like me. Unfortunately they did not. My school mates and friends, who mostly were around 20-30 years old, did not react as I hoped; some got mad and called it a scam, some thought it was an illegal pyramid scheme and a few laughed of how stupid I was buying all this cream. Only 1 out of 10 thanked yes and signed up as a distributor into my downline.

What kept me motivated?
All time I kept sponsoring new distributers into my organization, because people in my downline kept quitting. It amazed me how little resistance some people got and then afterwards quitted. It was people who only got few “no’s” who did not have the courage to keep going. Other people stopped after a negative relative told about all the bad stories about MLM during the time.

How long did I keep going?
I kept going far longer than most people. After some time the company I worked for, decided to get into telephone communication services and I migrated as well. It seemed to be a much more fortunate area for me to represent; I signed subscriptions to customers, while I was working on a gas station. My boss told me it was okay as long as I did not push too hard. In the beginning the prices was competitive, but only for about one year. After this it was impossible to get new customers.

Online gambling shares
Very short time after I quitted selling phone subscriptions, I was contacted by the successful and well-dressed guy from the former MLM Company. This time it was about online gambling. I was a bit skeptical, but I needed to see it, as multiple people already had earned a lot of money with this. After a few meetings I ended up purchasing fictive gambling shares for multiple thousand Switzerland Francs; it was an American company, but they shares were purchased in a more stable currency. This was all good and in a few weeks my stock value had multiplied several times. Like most others I kept the stocks in the hope they would increase even more. Then suddenly the company were purchased by another one and the stocks became almost worthless. It took me almost a year with hard fulltime work to pay back this mistake.

Online marketing
About 10 years ago, I discovered online marketing, which was about making money on the Internet. With lightning speed I felt attracted to the possibility to earn money from the comfort of my home. Since this day I have been on an exciting journey, where I have been into several business models. I have spent more than $100K on my online education the last decade and I have made money from selling everything from Anti-aging moisturizers on Amazon to information products on Click bank. Also I have made money on dating subscriptions, health supplements, SEO services and T-shirts. I have been into free marketing and paid marketing. I have experience using the advertising platforms like “Plenty of Fish”, “YouTube” and “Facebook” and I have outsourced to US and the Philippines.

What am I doing now?
Right now and for the last half year I have only focused on affiliate marketing, also known as referral marketing. I am promoting an online education which is selling high-ticket products. This means products over $1K. By doing this I only need to refer a small number of buyers each month to make a great extra income. Another huge advantage of selling high-ticket products is that I can spend more money on advertising and still have a positive return of investment.

What about Multi-Level Marketing?
I actually like the business model because of the possibility of leveraging the power of relation marketing. The years I was involved with MLM I learned some priceless skills, which have been an advantage multiple times since then. I stepped out of my comfort zone several times and I developed a strong mind. By attending weekly meetings and a huge event, I kept my motivation high during the hard times. I clearly remember speaking with those highly successful, positive young people, which made a huge impact on me. I said to myself: If they can do it, I can do it. Since the “MLM-days” personal development has been a mandatory part of my daily routine and I love the progress of getting better each day.

Why do I focus on Affiliate Marketing rather than Multi-Level Marketing?
There are hundreds of reasons why I personally prefer Affiliate Marketing. Here are a few of them:
– All you need to reach billions of people is a computer with Internet access
o Geographical freedom is a huge plus for me
o Much easier to find and promote products you really love
– The Internet gives you leverage and automation like nothing else
o Websites work for you 24/7/365
o Auto responder sends out pre-written emails with affiliate links
– More simple business model than MLM
o No need to call family, friends and colleagues to present your business
o No need to dress up and participate in countless of meetings every week
– Affiliate marketing in general
o The possibility of getting high commissions by selling other peoples products
o Never deal with customer service

Final words
I hope you got some valuable insight in my journey with MLM and online marketing and you understand why I have chosen affiliate marketing rather than MLM.